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Hailing from the Midwest US, Jon Hester is an embodiment of the movements, sounds, and attitude that have continued to push techno and house forward. His energy and enthusiasm brought him all the way from beginnings in Chicago and Minneapolis to his present home base of Berlin.


With music released on Rekids, Klockworks, Deeply Rooted, and performances worldwide at clubbing institutions such as Berghain Berlin, Rex Club Paris, fabric London, and Vent Tokyo, he is equally keen for the fresh intensity of a plethora of newer clubs dotting South America and South Africa. Jon’s 2023 continues building on a beautiful expression of the same culture he connected with more than 20 years ago, with the launch of his label, Participation, an outlet for his own output as well as collaborative efforts with fellow artists in the global techno and house community. 


Already underway, we can look forward to projects with Kwench boss and Panorama Bar favorite Cassy, as well as Madrid’s Tadeo. The collaborative projects will be realized over a reciprocal exchange of sketches between artists, visualized by the artwork for each release, a simple one-line drawing from Hester himself – underscoring the directness, honesty, and immediacy of the music presented.

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